About Malone

Malone is the host of the midday show (10 a.m. – 3 p.m.) on 95.9 “The Ranch” radio station in Fort Worth, Texas, and she has worked as an on-air personality in various major radio markets, including Phoenix, San Diego, and Dallas. She is also the host of “Spiritual Food for Thought,” a weekly syndicated radio segment that runs on approximately 15 stations in the region.

But there’s more to Malone than meets the ear. Malone is also a dynamic, experienced, and entertaining professional speaker who easily connects with audiences of all kinds. She has a unique perspective on and understanding of business, as she is a recovering litigation attorney. Malone is extremely active in the community, frequently emceeing and speaking at charity, religious, and other events. Sometimes you will even find the radio station mascot, “Chuko, the Official Ranch Horse,” with Malone at events, as she always find time to fulfill her duties as an overly proud horse mom.

In short, with both a business and a quick-on-your-feet entertainment media background, Malone is ready to bring credibility, substance, and loads of fun to your event.

  Radio Air Personality    ♦    Attorney    ♦    Professional Communicator

Malone Ranger Professional Speaker Radio Host

Malone Will  Energize, Entertain and Educate Your Group with a Customized Program

Communicate Like a Radio Air Personality, and Get People to Listen to You

In this captivating program, Malone explains how some of the tried and true techniques that radio professionals use to get more people to listen also are very effective when applied off the air – in both business and life. Not only is this is a fascinating, pull the curtain back look at what happens behind the scenes in the radio broadcast studio, it is a fantastic and fun way to improve your team or organization’s communication skills.

How to Rock Your Association’s Membership Drive with Improved Communication

When an association sets out on a membership drive to recruit new members, many times the membership committee and others don’t necessarily have the communications skills to get great results.  Let Malone spend 40 to 60 minutes with your team teaching the power of effective communication while she entertains the audience with prizes and more.  Your membership drive results and bottom line will show the difference!  Presentation available in live or virtual form.

Learn how taking the scenic route can lead to spiritual connection

So often in our culture, we reward goal setting and achievement, and society seems to encourage us to do both as quickly as possible. But mere speed of achievement and goal accomplishment may not be what ultimately fulfills us and develops our relationship with God. In this talk, Malone shares her own experiences as an attorney and radio personality and explains how taking the scenic route to life may ultimately be the key to spiritual connection.

Malone Ranger Radio DJ Emcee
Malone Ranger Radio Personality The Ranch FM

Here's a look at Malone in action. Whether behind the microphone or in front of a live audience or camera, Malone will dazzle the attendees at your event.

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