Professional Communicator, Radio Air Personality, and Attorney

Malone Specializes in Association Meetings and Corporate Conferences

Malone showcases the power of effective communication and draws from her unique background as a professional broadcaster, corporate litigator, and aspiring horse whisperer to educate, energize, and entertain audiences worldwide.

Each of Malone’s presentations is thoughtfully created to be a perfect fit for your specific industry, organization, event, and audience. Whether you want a corporate approach, a motivational flavor, a Texas cowgirl spin, or a spiritual tone, book Malone Ranger, and wild horses won’t be able to drag your audience away.

Alternatively, if you are simply seeking an energetic and charismatic emcee for a fully planned event, book Malone. Your audience will thank you later.

Whether you choose a program listed below or request a different topic, all presentations are tailored specifically to fit your event, organization, and audience.

Communicate Like a Radio Air Personality, and Get People to Listen to You

In this captivating program, Malone explains how some of the tried and true techniques that radio professionals use to get more people to listen also are very effective when applied off the air – in both business and life. Not only is this is a fascinating, pull the curtain back look at what happens behind the scenes in the radio broadcast studio, it is a fantastic and fun way to improve your team or organization’s communication skills.

How to Rock Your Association’s Membership Drive with Improved Communication

When an association sets out on a membership drive to recruit new members, many times the membership committee and others don’t necessarily have the communications skills to get great results.  Let Malone spend 40 to 60 minutes with your team teaching the power of effective communication while she entertains the audience with prizes and more.  Your membership drive results and bottom line will show the difference!  Presentation available in live or virtual form.

Take the Scenic Route to Spiritual Connection

So often in our culture, we reward goal setting and achievement, and society seems to encourage us to do both as quickly as possible. But mere speed of achievement and goal accomplishment may not be what ultimately fulfills us and develops our relationship with God. In this talk, Malone shares her own experiences as an attorney and radio personality and explains how taking the scenic route to life may ultimately be the key to spiritual connection.

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Where does Malone speak?

  • Association meetings and membership drives
  • Luncheons
  • Annual conventions and conferences
  • Awards banquets
  • Churches
  • Retreats
  • Fundraisers
Malone Professional Speaker Corporate Keynote Speaker

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